Tuesday, 27 July 2010

hey sisters, wear your hijab properly please!


since i am going back home tomorrow, i thought of writing a new post, hurm let's say my last post as a second year student here in russia insyaallah..

like a new fashion of wearing hijab, some of us think that they are wearing hijab because their parents asked them to do so, as a culture, or as they look prettier in hijab or even it is just for fun, but not for allah..

yes, your intention, only you and allah know..either you do it for allah, or you do it for the sake of other people, it is between you and allah..

pakai tudung tpi berjambul, bertudung tpi wearing a short sleeve and body shape shirt, bertudung tpi menampakkan sanggul seperti bonggol unta, bertudung sempurna, but the tudung itself is transparent, i mean see thro..and etc

this is what i'm talking about..berbonggol unta

open our heart to watch this video..THAT'S NOT HIJAB!! by baba ali

truth is bitter, but sometimes it can benefit you, and insyaallah, the reward is jannah!

this post is a reminder for me and all my sisters as well ;)

p/s doakan perjalanan saya dan rakan2, semoga kami selamat pulang ke mlysia insyaallah!


atikullah ismail™ said...

thumbs up =)..

AuLiA said...

ask baba aliiii!!

*sedikit ilmu untuk dikongsi*

ustaz zaharuddin pnah cakap, kalu seorang muslimah pakai tudung jarang, dan nampak terbus kt dlm tu, hukum dia sama cm free hair gak. :)

anyway, thanks for sharin yaw!

nur hidayah rosman said...

thanx for the info..

insyaallah akan mpraktikkan!;)

Anonymous said...

Nice post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.

sayamuslim said...

hey sister,i totally agree with you.